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Online Marketing

The Cloud Solution
New business start up,Aspire Medical Group immediately embraced the cloud computing approach as part of their business plan.
We've had lots of positive feedback. In fact the website is instrumental in attracting new corporate clients... Recently, we won a new corporate client...
Email Marketing
The email management module is available as a stand alone application or an additional module in the Metzmedia content management system. The email management module has:
High performance email list delivery and management that allows the rapid delivery of large volumes of customised email messages.
The insertion of trackable links so that the effectiveness of an email campaign can be monitored.
An unsubscribe facility that allows the recipient to be removed from future mailings. The unsubscribe facility updates the recipients record without deleting any details.
The ability to import graphics and text from a PC or the web.
Easy to replicate templates that allow the quick updaing of text and graphics.
Search Engine Optimisation
Metzmedia creates,manages and implements optimisation programmes to achieve high ranking link equity and awareness across the search engine universe. By taking accessiblerelevant and credible content we manipulate individually or collectively natural and PPC search. 
All our websites are built with key wording capability and this can be supplemented by ad word campaigns managed by Metzmedia or the client.